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11.10.2014, 08:05 Uhr
Good day, dear Jack Saw Radio!
We are very happy to reach you through the infinite web and we dare to bother you with a request.
We are a musical band from hostile Russia. But we strongly believe that our people are not the enemies, but all brothers and sisters. We sing our songs about difficulties we face, we sing about better things, that are achieved problematically, we try to stop provocations, trying to open the eyes and hearts and tell others to do the same. We believe in truth. But the songs we sing seem needless.
It will be a great honour for our musical group to offer you to listen to our works and that will be incredible if you can find some spare time for it.

The main project is called “208 Talks of angels” and it involves the diversity of all our thoughts and fantasies, styles and musical torrents. We hope with all our hearts, that you will like at least some of “208 Talks of angels”`s songs! http://soundcloud.com/208talksofangels

Our dream is to stop making our music unneeded and useless, we have spent (and spending) all our time for it, because that is our life.

Please, if you are able to help us somehow – no matter how – or you maybe know someone who is able to do that, pleas, don’t pass this letter by.

Either way, we are happy, that you read our words, the words of hope and gratitude.

Please, take our warmest regards and greatest respect, let the sun always shine over your head, 208 Talks of angels, Russia.
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